Angry Zombies Unity Complete Project

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Angry Zombies Unity Complete Project

Angry Zombies Game is a fun arcade game, you will get the relax time with Angry Zombies game.

Challenge your skills by adjusting the traction, drag the skull to shoot all zombies of each level.

Angry Zombies is very easy to reskin, help you monetize and increase profits by reskin this game.

Demo apk:


- Simple Control, use only one finger to play.

- Addictive Gameplay.

- Easy to add more level.

- Easy to reskin, no coding needed, full C#.

- Silky skilful gameplay.

- Beauty 2D cartoon game graphic.

- Admob interstitial and Unity Ads are intergrated to earn money.

- Clean code, easy to turning the parameters.

- Crossplatform.