Knight Adventure Unity Complete Project Unity 2019

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Knight Adventure Unity Complete Project

Our Knight have to rescue Princess, locked up in prison and is guarded carefully. Help Knight find the way to rescue Princess. Knight Adventure is platform game.

This game have 24 levels, you can add more levels, it’s very easy to make new game yourself. Knight Adventure use Admob and Unity Ads, IAP to help you monetize.

Knight Adventure use Unity engine, with level editor, so you can easy publish for Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices...

Knight Adventure Complete Project require Unity 2019.3 or above.

Try this APK demo:


  • Admob Ads, Unity Ads, reward video, IAP integrated.
  • Easy add or edit level by Tiled map editor.
  • Easy to reskin and make it become new game.
  • Beauty 2D graphics.
  • Cross Platform.
  • Clean Code.

How to Reskin Knight Adventure 2D complete project

From the high level the reskin process looks the following way:

  • Step #1: Build the project.
  • Step #2: Replace the images
  • Step #3: Publish the project to Google Play and iTunes

See details inside the project.