Military Defense Unity Complete Project

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Military Defense Unity Complete Project

Control the cannon to shoot the enemy, be careful, because it includes civilians. If you shoot civilians then the game ends. If you let the enemy enter the base, the game ends.

Military Defense is simple to play, tap the right for shoot the right line, the left screen shoot the left line.

Simple yet challenging gameplay that count on your quick reaction.

Hourly Surprises.

Challenge your Friends by sharing your best scores.

Military Defense using Unity 2017.2 or above.

This is amazing project for you to custom and make new game . It's easy to make a new physics puzzle game, you can arrange the objects in game to make a new amazing game and no need coding.

You can easily to custom this project to make new game.

Demo APK:


  • Addicting game, simple to play.
  • Easy reskin.
  • Facebook SDK integrated.
  • Integrate Admob.
  • Clean code, full C# with comment.
  • Fun graphics.
  • Amazing sound track.
  • Top score.

How to reskin Military Defense Unity Complete Project:

In Documentation you can search detail information how reskin this amazing How to reskin Military Defense Game for Unity. It very easy. You need just to put your images in Assets/Image folders with the same names like in the project (only .PNG format).