Shooting Zombie Unity Complete Project

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Shooting Zombie Unity Complete Project

Shooting Zombie is a physic game, your mission is shoot all zombie by touch the right or left screen. This game is very easy to play, but very hard to get stars or pass all levels. Each level of the game will have a few shots, if you use all shoots without killing all zombies then the game ends.

Shooting Zombie have 21 levels, you can easily add more level and custom the parameters of game, make this game more attractive.

With 2D graphic and sprite, you can easily to reskin and make own game without coding and programming skills.

Shooting Zombie Complete Project using Unity 2017.3 or above

Demo APK:


  • Addicting game, simple to play, amazing Shooting game.
  • Android & iOS.
  • Easy to add and custom levels.
  • Level editor
  • Easy reskin.
  • Facebook SDK integrated.
  • Integrate Admob.
  • Clean code, full C# with comment.
  • Fun graphics.
  • Amazing sound track.
  • Collect
  • 21­­ levels and more.