Zombie Bear Night Shooting Complete Project

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Zombie Bear Night Shooting Complete Project

There are a lot of zombie bears, they're trying to get into the castle, help  Teddy Bear  kill them, using machine guns and grenades. You  can earn extra money by shooting ghost bears, using the money to buy  more bullets and grenades.​

​Teddy Bear Castle Defense is shooting and defense game.​

Each level you've been finish, you can upgrade the gun or amore... to more  powerfull. Now shooting all t he zombie bears with our Teddy.  This game have Admob, Unity Reward video to get money.  Easy to rekin.​

This project using Unity 5.6.1 or Unity 2017.

Demo APK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_KYkwqk6gsNd21uOWZGUklQMW8/view


- Admob Ads, Unity Ads, reward video .​

- Easy to add new levels with level editor.​

- 30 levels and more to finish this mission.

- Easy  add more levels​.

- 6 zombies bear character and more...​

- 11 weapons and more...​

- Easy to control and play this game​.

- Silky skilful gameplay​.

- Beauty 2D cartoon game graphic.​

- Admob interstitial is intergrated to earn money.​

- Unity Reward video to earn money.

- Easy to reskin.​

- Clean Code.